Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have you seen the Klick' lately? How about the Hood?

No, and I've been single for months, but I'm fixing to play around with the D' before long.

Tailout personnel are currently tying things up in the west in preparation for tying things on in the east. At 12oo hours, the Master Craftsman himself reported to Tailout's R&D lab with a full recon report on the Gorge fisheries, the state of the third world, proper cola flavoring, OPEC, missing fly boxes, scandi line rear tapers, PNAC conspiracy theories, and the oft unheralded benefits of 3/0 mustads. I was able to pay attention just long enough to learn that today's intended destination was awash in untold amounts of glacial silt. Fuck.

No matter, Indestructatruck's navigation systems will be reprogrammed, the proper gear will be requisitioned, and some sexy little flies will be swung.

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