Saturday, July 19, 2008

Olive Wooly Buggers and Blue Fly Lines: A Discourse On Proper Rations, Gear, Clothing, Transport and Technique

Tied it, bagged it, looped it, lined it, patched it, found it, used it, timed it.

Packed it, weighed it, spliced it, tailed it, spun it, winged it, flashed it, nailed it.

Brewed it, made it, bought it, iced it, strung it, threw it, grooved it, liked it.

Rode it, found it, set it, dosed it, woke up swung the fly and rose it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

On account of the cork dust...

Dear Sirs o' the Track,

On account of the cork dust, I won't be making it to the previously discussed pig roasting, hamster neutering and string bean throwing festival scheduled for 19-27 July, the year of our lord 2008. Allow me to offer my most synthetic apologies, which I've enclosed in this letter in the form of two pubic hairs, six shards of what was once a tapered carbon fibre tube, one used hankie, several thousand morel mushroom spores, five PBR tallboy tabs, and a poorly tied Blue Charm.

In lieu of your exceptionally exasperating events, my attentions will turn instead to a higher power and a lower latitude. Know that I couldn't want you any less, and as my automobile turns south and my leader turns over and my bottle turns upside down and a 'head turns on my skunk, I won't stop for a moment to turn my mind off and remember what I'm missing.